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Lindow moss

Britain's peatlands are some of our most beautiful and environmentally significant  habitats, hosting many rare species, naturally filtering water sources, and storing vast quantities of carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

Lindow Moss, a raised bog, is just one (tragically small) example of British peatland. But it is one that I have known since childhood, and continue to love to this day. 

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As a photographer, there's no point in trying to escape the damaged existence of Lindow Moss. The dried up lifeless peat in the summer and the exposed preserved woods are all part of how the bog is. But we must ensure that such damage is resigned to the past, and that the future is one of restoration and protection. Lindow Moss must make a return to health.

Ten million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year are being lost to the atmosphere from the UK’s damaged peatlands.

Lindow Moss landscape

Lindow Moss is an estimated 1/10 of its original size due to peat extraction

Lindow Moss Willowherb

My hope is that my images attract people to the moss' current and potential beauty. As a landscape it is striking, as a habitat it is life-giving. Its continued existence is just one small battle amongst many; for the love of our planet and those who inhabit it.

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